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Welcome to Topos Creative, Consulting

Creating and Enhancing your Opportunity & Influence

Topos is a Greek word, meaning a Unique Position of Opportunity & Influence

I help struggling Christians discover their place in God's heart so they can discover their uniquely created position of opportunity and influence.

I do this by helping them:

  • Discover and/or Clarify the unique value they add to their circle of influence.
  • Understand their own story in the larger context of The Kingdom of God.
  • Overcome negative thinking, depression, and fear through practical and spiritual insights I've learned in my own journey.
  • So they can share their story and passion with the world around them, Creating and Enhancing their Opportunities and Influence.

Feel free to check out the page links for more information and resources, or email Storyteller@Topos.Consulting to start a conversation.

Thanks for stopping by,

Darrell G. Wolfe

Storyteller | Writer | Thinker | Consultant

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